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Nature’s Healing Touch

I’d almost forgotten how therapeutic working outside was, especially in my garden. This morning, we got reacquainted. I was out there pulling weeds, untangling sugar snap peas, and planting some more vegetable seeds. It wasn’t long before I began to … Continue reading

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The Fullness of Time

I used to be a cubicle rat. That was the term some of my colleagues and I used to refer to ourselves. For 21-years I worked in an office in a building that had the work stations in the various … Continue reading

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Riding Into The Future

How many of you are familiar with the movie , Back to The Future? I mention it because right now I’m rolling along on a train at the same I’m stepping back into a past life. Years ago, I used … Continue reading

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It’s Another Day, Another Chance at Life

The early dawn is breaking. I watch it slowly awaken as my train rolls down the rails. It all calls to me, how about you? After several years, I was fortunate to find another job. That in itself is reason … Continue reading

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