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Nature’s Healing Touch

I’d almost forgotten how therapeutic working outside was, especially in my garden. This morning, we got reacquainted. I was out there pulling weeds, untangling sugar snap peas, and planting some more vegetable seeds. It wasn’t long before I began to … Continue reading

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Much Needed Refreshment

Outside my window today my heart, mind, and soul find refreshment. For the first time in a while, I took the time this weekend to stop busying myself doing things and just lay in my backyard hammock. How quickly we … Continue reading

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In 2016 Will The Force of History Awaken Volusia County?

The future is what we make it. Continue reading

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We Are But A Flicker of Light

Light and life have many things in common. As I’ve shared before, light brings illumination to our day. It reveals all things bright and beautiful. By its’ presence our daily lives find brightness and warmth. Likewise, life gives a gift … Continue reading

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Wonder Never Ending

The thing I like most about observing life outside my window is it’s never boring. Despite the cycles and rhythms there is always something of wonder to observe. Take for example a day’s view of the sky. Today, as on … Continue reading

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