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Nature’s Healing Touch

I’d almost forgotten how therapeutic working outside was, especially in my garden. This morning, we got reacquainted. I was out there pulling weeds, untangling sugar snap peas, and planting some more vegetable seeds. It wasn’t long before I began to … Continue reading

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Much Needed Refreshment

Outside my window today my heart, mind, and soul find refreshment. For the first time in a while, I took the time this weekend to stop busying myself doing things and just lay in my backyard hammock. How quickly we … Continue reading

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Finding That Book In You

There’s an expression that I have posted on my wall to remind me of my purpose: Life is a book unwritten. Only you hold the pen. I don’t really know where it came from or the source, only that I … Continue reading

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A Pair of Eagles

God in the wonder of His firmament adds tender touches to all things, even our most trying moments. I know that sometimes it is hard to see or understand the whys and reasons for things and events in this existence … Continue reading

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