Much Needed Refreshment


The world that refreshes me outside my window

Outside my window today my heart, mind, and soul find refreshment.

For the first time in a while, I took the time this weekend to stop busying myself doing things and just lay in my backyard hammock. How quickly we forget such important things in our lives. After an hour my whole perspective and countenance had changed.

It was quite nice being outside because the foul weather of the preceding days had brought us a cool morning with clear blue skies that stayed the entire day! All afternoon, I glanced up in to that blue canvas and watched thread-like cirrus clouds fly by high above me. As I look up at them, I imagine times when I was traveling up there going cross-country and gazing out the plane window.

The view of patchwork color patterns stretching across the Earth below me would draw my attention. I’d see land form features, such as rivers, lakes, strands and spreads of forest that often drew me into them, wondering what it might be like down there, instead of where I presently was. In such a way, I transported myself into another place and time and to be there and then I just as quickly found myself lying there in my backyard hammock. The air was free of mosquitoes but filled with the songs of several birds.

The morning started out with our resident thrasher singing from the treetops. Next came the echoing calls of cardinals. Then, the rhythmic honking of cranes crossed over our heads a we sat outside in our backyard paradise with our coffee enjoying the gradual waking of the natural world around us.

Oak blossoms in the surrounding hardwoods bled from bright fresh green to early shades of brown in a varied palate of color. Squirrels darted after one another through the canopy while other trees around us bristled with new leaves of green and berries, a hint to the feast that will soon come by our community of birds. Clusters of blue color are also appearing among our bushes of plumbago and the birds of paradise have blooms branching out like upturned hands of lily white while smaller shrubs add to the rainbow of color with their varied blends of green and yellow blossoms.

Even the palmettos are adding to the palette of sprouting life. Their flower shoots promise to bring a welcomed sweetness to the countless insects they will beckon like our golden rain tree does each year in the front yard. When it’s in full bloom, I can stand silent outside and hear the buzz and beating of bees, it’s such a fascinating experience.

All around us are reminders of the hope and life that brings wonder to our existence. Once again, I find myself refreshed by what I take time to find outside my window.


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