Perspective on Relevance

This blog is going to be taking on a new role in addition to its reflection on the natural world and life.

More and more I have noticed how foundational the patterns and cycles in nature are related to our own human perspective on life and our sense of place. Like plants, we need to have roots established wherever it is we exist to help maintain our overall being.

For example, an understanding and appreciation of the history of a place can go a long way in living a more fulfilling life. We know of many instances where the rise and fall of a civilization or culture has been linked to the people’s understanding of their history, or lack there of. One classic example mentioned a lot is the Roman Empire. Here we see a dream or ideal of a form of culture that grew and expanded to greatness but then seemed to stagnate and decline. What happened to them? Where did they go wrong?

Well, it’s said that over the hundreds of years that the Roman Empire grew, these people gradually strayed away or over time lost sight of the ideals and practiced principles that made them great. Once disconnected from what made them who they were, the Roman Empire lost its will to be and eventually came apart. How is this kind of decline repeated today?

Many may agree that we can see some of the same trends in our own society and nation today. In some instances, we have failed to recognize the relevancy of our history. After all, haven’t we recorded history for a couple of hundred of years now? Surely we should have learned a few things by now? Circumstances and events in our history tend to repeat. We should use the knowledge gained to make better choices for our future.

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