Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

We’ve probably by now all seen or heard that line from Forest Gump but have you ever experienced it?
Sometimes the most seemingly trite and mundane remarks bear more fruit in our lives than we realize. Due to past experiences, I’ve come to recognize some significance to simple things, such as a sunrise or sunset; after all one never knows when she or he is witnessing their last.
Life is fluid and we really don’t know what’s around the corner past what we normally perceive we have control over. We just don’t know.
But rather than fret or sit stigmatized with the reality that we are not the center of our known universe, we need to step out boldly where truly no person has knowingly gone. We need to acknowledge who and what we are and not be afraid to do something with our lives.
Dream and strive to do things to achieve that dream. It may be true that the unexpected will bring along detours but every step of the journey does somehow serve a purpose in reaching that ultimate goal. Look at those pieces of chocolate as the fascinating flavors that they can bring to our lives. You never know when one might turn out to be that anticipated something.

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