We Are But A Flicker of Light

Light and life have many things in common.

As I’ve shared before, light brings illumination to our day. It reveals all things bright and beautiful. By its’ presence our daily lives find brightness and warmth. Likewise, life gives a gift of incalculable wealth to everything it touches.

Rays of sunlight do not know the great value that they bring to the world. Plants know. The miraculous biochemical reaction of photosynthesis, which allows plants to produce their own food and thus form the base for countless chains of interaction between living things, derives its’ energy from sunlight. We on the other hand may not be able to make out own food, but we can nurture and foster life in much of what we do.

A person’s life may not seem important to them at times yet their actions and deeds can impact countless others. We tend to be impressionable and remember certain things, like those things which bring joy and laughter to our lives. Like the ripples in water, these kinds of acts spread out through the lives of those we touch and on into the lives they too interact with.

Each day, our light shines and brings hope and joy to others. It can glow bright with the loving warm like the sun or it can do harm in what it radiates. We all have a choice in how choose to shine in this world and it should not be taken lightly.

As the sun rises and travels across the sky, our lives journey over time and space. At some point our light reaches it’s’ zenith and fade or blink out. In time each of our lives will flicker out. What kind of light are you giving to the lives around you? How will that light shine on?


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