Sunrise Reset

Life can sometimes suck, pure an simple. Fortunately, everyday there’s a reset.

Like a lot of people, I was laid off when our economy took a nosedive. My life, my routine, my very existence became strangely altered. I suddenly came under my own critical introspection critiquing everything I’d ever done and not liking myself. That’s when I started to notice the sunrise.

Since I had spare time on my hands, sitting with a cup of coffee at dawn formed the start of each day of job searching. Sitting there in the quiet of the morning, the natural things I observed offered me subtle reminders to that my life wasn’t ending, it was rebeginning.

I saw bumblebees stunned by the evening chill and seemingly dead slowly come to life. With those same morning rays of light, I listened to birds in the tree tops open the day with cheerful song. As the sun crept up over the horizon I began to find myself smiling at the varied patterns of color painted before me and I found myself feeling encouraged and renewed for the day.

Oh sure, the challenges in my life and need for a job remained but I was now looking forward, not backward. Each sunrise seemed to beckon me, fill me, fuel me, and brighten my day. I took each of those moments and treasured them, tucking their comforting impressions into the forefront of my days.

Gradually, over time my daily renewal changed my outlook and disposition. Like that bumblebee I once closely observed, each day the welcoming morning sunrise brought new life to me. Now, each morning as I ride the train to my new job, I sit by the window and watch with joy each day’s renewing sunrise. Have you taken the time to renew your day?


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