Wonder Never Ending

The thing I like most about observing life outside my window is it’s never boring.

Despite the cycles and rhythms there is always something of wonder to observe. Take for example a day’s view of the sky. Today, as on many days I occupied my travel time on the train to work watching the ever changing view of the sky.

From dawn to dusk it captured my fascination with its morphing appearance. No two occasions did I see the sam thing, it was always changing! And that is where I derived a bit of encouragement for my day.

The sky is always there. Like death and taxes, the sky is ever with us. But unlike those two pains in our lives we can find scenes of beauty to brighten and lift our spirits.

At the end of a long day, the progression of wonder painted across the sky beckons to us that the is beauty in our day. Seize it.



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