When Life Gives You Turkey, Eat It Up

The recent holiday reminded me of a number of things.
Food seemed to be a theme but even it had some lasting value beyond the feasting. A dessert one of daughters made particularly impressed me. Not only was it tasty, it made me think of life in general.
You all are familiar with the saying about lemons. Well, we also get impacted at times by other things, like the turkeys in life. When I saw how my daughter out her creation together it reminded me of all the detail and planning we sometimes put into things. Despite all we do, things sometimes get messed up or don’t work out as we’d like. That’s when it’s time to gobble up.
Those setbacks or annoying people don’t have to be your ruination. Instead of letting them control you, find beneficial ways to gain or learn positively from those times.
In my case, I are up as many of those turkeys as could. Now it’s your turn.


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