Riding Into The Future

How many of you are familiar with the movie , Back to The Future?
I mention it because right now I’m rolling along on a train at the same I’m stepping back into a past life.
Years ago, I used to commute some 50+ miles to work a job editing. That went on for over 20 years. Time does fly, doesn’t it! One day, unexpectedly, that regular routine ended and I found myself looking for other work. I didn’t think I would ever go back to that kind of work again.
For quite some time, I was trying all kinds of new directions. For a while I was unemployed and that stigma took some effort to overcome. Looking outside the box, beyond what I’d normally done got me exploring other possibilities. That effort helped because it got me going again and I made connections that paid off.
That’s how I ended up this morning riding the commuter train. I have a job doing some of the same work I used to do. I travel back into that world I once lived in but it’s now got a new purpose. I’ve found a way toward my future. How about you?


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