It’s Another Day, Another Chance at Life

The early dawn is breaking. I watch it slowly awaken as my train rolls down the rails. It all calls to me, how about you?
After several years, I was fortunate to find another job. That in itself is reason to be thankful. For a long time I used to sit at home and watch the sun rise each day. Like a rhythm, I was up with the birds, listening to their songs and watching the sun illuminate the new day. I would gaze and ask it all what to expect, where was I going? Time will tell came the silent reply.
Over time, a way became clear for me to see. It seems to be about rhythms and cycles. That’s how my job came about. In the fullness of time, this work came along and with it the means to get to it, the train.
So now, I ride the SunRail to and from my job each workday. With the flow of the day, I’m moving within the patterns and cycles I used to just observe. I will work and contribute. I once again have an active role. It’s good to be alive.
It’s a new day, another week, and a new month has begun. The sun beckons me to join in the day and I must go. What will you do with your chance to live today?


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