Seeing Past the Veil

Many of us see life through the blinders of Saxonour habitual routines. If we work, on the weekdays we get up and we make that daily commute. In that rote way we begin a pattern that sometimes seems to enslave us from the wants and free desires of our hearts and minds.

Our way of life often transplants us from the kind of interactive hands-on connection that we innately need with the many things in our world. The rigid demands we make for ourselves in the artificial world we’ve constructed isolates us from much of what stimulates and makes us strive in life. The concrete and steel structures we’ve built often remove all sense of natural color, depth, and texture from our senses. The DriveInstead of the shades of green, details and infinite dimensions of the natural living world around us; we surround ourselves with towering sterile barriers that disconnect us from life itself. We isolate ourselves from what makes us feel alive and what eventually happens to us? Are we no different than the living things around us?
Take a plant for example. A plant can be given soil, nutrients, and water but without light what will happen to it? Without contact with the living things the natural world around us we too tend to wither and die. True, we seem to strive in our artificial world, for a time. But in a truth we are merely viewing life through a veil. Somehow, along the way of making our world what it is today we have separated ourselves from contact with the very stimuli in our environment that gives us life. Being hemmed in by gridlocked traffic we begin to feel like caged rats. Frustration and stress begins to build within us. We feel confined and hindered. Over time, we can even begin to lose all vitality and desire in our trapped routine. To continue living, we must escape.
Instead of staying locked into the routines that have constrained and withered us, my wife and I have done things to return to interaction with our world. The experience is rejuvenating us. My wife feels more alive when she exercises and I’ve become more stimulated to write. Writing on Pad

Both of us have parted the veil that had separated us from reaching out and touching the life around us. And we feel more alive by what we daily see, touch, and do. What’s holding you back?

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