Finding That Book In You

There’s an expression that I have posted on my wall to remind me of my purpose: Life is a book unwritten. Only you hold the pen.Script Pen

I don’t really know where it came from or the source, only that I think it sums up a lot to me in my assumption of things. For example, how we live our lives defines who we are.
That statement becomes more real to me with every day because I am a writer.
As I look at life outside my window a multitude of possibilities for story or prose might come to mind. Every plant, each leaf, and the birds and squirrels give me cause to think of things as I observe them. Lots of ideas emerge but they don’t always make it to the page.

At times, all of that inspiration can be frustrating. You might ask, okay, so what’s that supposed to mean? Well, writing isn’t exactly like learning to ride a bicycle. It’s not something that most people just do naturally. Writing is something you have to do and do often to become better. It’s like a skill that has to be developed and grown with experience. At least that’s what writing seems like from my perspective. It takes work and lots of practice. You have to eventually get pencil/pen to paper or type out on that keyboard if you expect to get anywhere other than everything in your head.Hand Writing

I often feel like the kid who has challenges getting their balance leveled off when learning how to pedal and stay upright at the same time. Though I seem to be constantly aware of countless wonderful inspiring observations around me, there’s always a challenge to follow-through. The idea comes and words begin forming into something but there’s something I must do before I can get around to writing it down. That’s where I often have a disconnect in my writing. But like many things in life, there is always a way.Keyboarding

Recently I began using the public transit system to save myself stress and gasoline for my commute to work. That shift has opened up to me practically an entire hour in the day for me. Instead of driving, while I’m riding the train I do some writing when my mind is fresh and free of distraction. This is progress and an encouragement to me. So next time you find yourself frustrated by what life’s taking you through, try looking at things from a different perspective. It may bring you a fresh look at life and all that you do.

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