A Pair of Eagles

God in the wonder of His firmament adds tender touches to all things, even our most trying moments.
I know that sometimes it is hard to see or understand the whys and reasons for things and events in this existence we live. We just aren’t fully capable of grasping all that there is. This is especially true in times when we grieve or are hurt.
Sometimes, there’s no way our minds or logic can wrap our reasoning around some things. That’s when we must try to see things with our hearts. God must know how much we’d be lacking in this so He gives us His creation to see to help us and find some comfort.
I can’t relate the countless times I have had whatever was lacking or hurting within me met somehow by the wonder of nature in its simplicity. Just this afternoon as I wept over thoughts of the loss of a dear friend hope suddenly appeared outside my window.
The repeated chirps of eagles pulled me up from my despair. I heard their calls and looked out through my window and there, out over the lake, just beyond the trees, a pair of eagles glided and curled together in the breeze. Their sight was uplifting to me and I felt joy in the midst of my sorrow.
Like the beautiful butterflies that grace my yard, the eagles brought me renewed hope that my friend will always be with me every time I see them flying high or the butterflies in all of their beauty and grace.

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