In The Fullness…

In The Fullness of Time

Life is a journey that may seem for many of us to be a constant mystery. Like some of the trails I’ve found myself on, it sometimes seems endless with no clue as to what’s around the next bend or what another day will bring. For those kinds of times I’ve found the natural world around me to be the most helpful.

That’s why I keep a cicada (Tibicen spp.) in my study where I’m almost always noticing it. It’s not a real cicada, just the shell from one that shed it. Right now, my cicada is sitting on top of the clock I have in my window view of the outside world. I put the cicada there as a timely reminder of good things to come.

Look to the Cicada  You see, a cicada lives in a cycle or routine some of us could identify with. They spend most of their lives unnoticed, waiting. Some of these unusual flying insects live 13 or 17 years under ground as nymphs. How many of us feel like we’re toiling in the dark not knowing what our purpose is? Look to the cicada for some insight. It doesn’t stop or give up. The cicada somehow knows it has a purpose even though its immediate existence doesn’t seem bright. The cicada keeps on keeping on.

After years of waiting and preparation, the adult cicada emerges from the dark Earth.  Once it sheds its old shell, the cicada sings the distinctive song we hear in the warmth of summer up in the trees. Their chorus can cause us, to look up from our own activity, to listen and perhaps admire the trees and sky around us. We can learn from the Cicada.

Find that Purpose  Despite the way things we’re experiencing may make us feel about ourselves, we are special and we have a purpose. Everything we go through is in preparation for the task that is ahead of us. Sooner or later, you’ll find that purpose in your life. In the fullness of time, each of us will sing the song he or she was given to share. Each of us will find our time in the Sun.

I believe that. That’s why I write. It’s also the reason I keep a cicada within view.

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