In Sync with Nature

The repeated beautiful song of a bird many mornings lately got me reflecting a bit. In the last cool days of spring we put in our garden. Once the garden was all in everything around our little piece of paradise seemed to be alive and vibrant.


After all of the hard work of preparing the soil, laying out the raised beds, and planting we started seeing results. Potatoes, peas, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, endive, cucumbers, peppers, and squash were growing. Our initial labor was answered by the gifts the garden gave us back in return. We’ve had beans and peas from the garden in most of our meals. Last fall, the cabbage was so plentiful we were giving it away. We even tried making sauerkraut. Now, sitting back after another weekend of pruning and working to maintain the landscape I get to notice some of the subtle lessons all this natural wonder offers.


It took and understanding of a lot of things for us to realize the bounty we’ve enjoyed. We needed to know the plants we wanted and more importantly understand the land. The soil had to be prepared and the season just right. So many things had to be sync for it all to work. Most of us today are out of sync with the natural world around us. Is it any wonder we have so many complex challenges in our lives today?


Beans sprouting

Had we not listened to what the land and plants, and seasons were telling us, the garden wouldn’t have been as productive as it has been. It took patience and the discipline to do the work that was needed. I must be honest, it was tough at times turning the compost, hauling wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of compost but, in the end with all that we were able to reap, it was well worth it. Spending time with the garden offered lots of insights into life.


A lot of things in life take time and patience to see them through. It’s always been that way. There are cycles and seasons the natural world around us tries to share but we often are too busy to heed them. Scientific studies now prove to us that contact with nature is good for our mental and physical health. Time spent outdoors or in the garden is time well spent. You may not notice it at first but eventually its’ benefits tend to grow on you.

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