Cycles of Change

The lake during the dry cycle.

There’s a saying that the only thing constant in life is change.

I tend to believe that. Looking out my study window I observe it continually. In the early morning as the sun rises everything that was dark, damp, cold, and quiet in the backyard begins to change. A transformation takes place.

As the sunlight breaks over the horizon birds begin to sing welcoming in the new day. The birds roosting in the tree tops come alive and begin to flit about. The rays of light come through the branches of the trees and bring warmth and renewed life seemingly to every living thing it touches. When I sit quietly witnessing it all happen I imagine some time-lapse film clips where a section of grass or some other plants go through a progression of change moving in response to the life-giving energy of the sun. It’s a cycle that occurs every day. I see other cycles of change too.

Out over the tree tops from my study view I can see the spread of the freshwater lake in panoramic display. It’s not a lake as you might typically think of one in your mind. Here in Florida many lakes are seasonal. They are shallow and their water level fluctuates with the extent of the seasonal rainfall. Now in the winter I can observe vivid display of how the hydrological cycle makes the lake change. Winter is our dry season and there is little rain except when weather changing fronts come through (another cyclic change).

For a couple of months as the rainfall has diminished as winter approached the water in the lake has gradually been disappearing. To those unfamiliar with Florida it would seem like we’re loosing all of our water. But that’s not the case. Though the lakebed becomes dry in many places the water isn’t very far away.

A front came through a couple of days ago. Along with another drop in temperatures, we had 4 inches of rain (my rain gauge). As I look out the window the dry plain that days ago seemed void of moisture now has a layer of covering water. The cycle continues.

With the end of winter the spring will bloom and the landscape will green again too. It’s all a constant process of change.

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