Breath of Life

Nature is such a great teacher and reminder to us of great things.

Recently, while sitting in the backyard my wife and I happened to notice something about some bumblebees we’d never seen before. It was a cool morning. The sunrise hadn’t yet crested the treeline and the area around the pool was still quite cool.

A flowering plant we had on the table sitting between us had these bumblebees on its flowers. They seemed dead. They and the flowers were covered with dew and not a one of them moved. I was staring quite closely at one wondering if they were really dead or alive. Then a notion came to me.

I exhaled slowly onto the bumblebee closest to me. In amazing response the bumblebee began to slowly move its wings. I announced the odd observation to my wife and she drew closer as I once again demonstrated what I had done.

Once again, with the warmth of my breath the inert bumblebee seemed to come to life. Its legs began to twitch and it seemed to stretch its wings. The warmth of my breath had brought the bumblebee out of its cold-induced slumber and back to life.

We had witnessed what the breath of life can do.

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