To Everything There is a Season

It’s been a couple of decades now that I’ve spent a great deal of my time looking out the window. In my line of work there’s been lots of opportunity, if you have an office with a view, to be able to gaze out the window. I remember how thrilled I was when my office changed to one with an outside view.

Working between cubicle walls was like a slowly tightening rope around me. At first it was just blank walls and a mono-colored screen to stare at each day as I worked. I’m an outdoor person by nature. Having spent most of my life working outdoors, being coped up inside was like torture to me. With each day I could feel that rope squeezing the joy of life out of me. I don’t know how I survived. Maybe it was through humor. They say that humor is one of our best adaptive behaviors. That’s it! It must have been the humor that saved me. A relaxed corporate decor helped too.

The company I worked for relented from their draconian office design demands. My co-workers brought in plants. I lacked the plant nurturing gene, so I put cartoons instead in my cubicle. All over my walls I placed work related cartoons and pictures of outdoors. The notice of them would bring a giggle to me and some relief when the walls otherwise seemed to be closing in. Then, one day my world view expanded, at least in the office.

I was moved to an office with a window view! Not only was it a view outside, but it was looking straight into a wildlife theme park! Was I ever visually stimulated. Now, whenever the dull routine of my work started dragging me off to sleep, right there outside my  window dolphins would be occasionally jumping to get my attention. It was like I had been given a new lease-on-life. My window view and the wonder beyond it encouraged me to plod on in that place for several more years. It also got me to noticing a lot about how the world around us is changing.

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